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Top IT News of the Week (24/2021)


IT news #1: Lisbon to give out protesters’ details to foreign embassies

Topic: Cybersecurity

It was reported by the BBC that authorities in Portugal, Lisbon gave out protesters’ data illegally to foreign embassies. The audit has found that data was shared 52 times in the period of 2018 to 2019. Lisbon mayor Fernando Medina refused to confirm which embassies were involved, but media reports mentioned the involvement of China, Israel and Russia.

The handover left residents confused, a woman with Russian-Portuguese citizenship feared she would not be allowed back in Russia after the incident. The mayor acknowledged the validity of the council audit and its result that confirmed the data had been illegally shared. Although Mr Medina apologised, he finds himself under pressure to resign.

IT news #2: McDonald’s data breach to expose customer data in Taiwan and South Korea

Topic: Cybersecurity

Fast-food giant McDonald’s is the latest company to suffer a data breach and as a result, to expose customer’s details. It was confirmed that hackers gained access to files on customers in South Korea and Taiwan. Payment details were not involved, however, the exposed information included delivery addresses, phone numbers and emails.

The attackers also gained access to employee details too. Details were discovered during an external investigation that spotted unauthorised activity on the company’s network. Due to McDonald’s significant cybersecurity investments, the issue was discovered quickly. The chain confirmed that operation at its restaurants remained normal.

IT news #3: End-to-end encryption to be added on Google’s Android app

Topic: Cybersecurity

Google’s Android phone system is getting a new encryption feature for its messaging app. The function that has already been available for Apple’s iMessage users will enhance security for Android users too. It depends on a system called Rich Communication Services, but similar to iMessage, it will be active and effective if users manually turn it on and connect to wi-fi or use
their mobile data.

Once switched on, users will notice as the send message button will feature a small padlock. Alongside end-to-end encryption, a whole range of features are being introduced such as enabling users to “star” messages in the Google app, Google Assistant updates, Android Auto updates for the car and contextual emoji recommendations.

IT news #4: 3.3m customers affected by Audi and Volkswagen data breach

Topic: Cybersecurity

A vendor has exposed unsecured data on the internet, affecting 3.3 million Audi and Volkswagen customers. The data was accessed by an unauthorised person over an extended period and the data that was exposed ranged from contact information to social security and loan numbers.

The trader left unsecured data exposed on the web between August 2019 and May 2021, according to data breach notifications filed with the California and Maine Attorney General’s office. As the Audi and Volkswagen customer data was accessible for a long time, it can’t be confirmed that during this period how many people had access to it. The company warned that all communications pretending to be either of the company should be treated suspiciously.

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