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Top IT News of the Week (37/2021)


IT news #1: Hackers break into United Nations’ computer network

Topic: Data breach

Hackers managed to break into the computer network of the United Nations and access critical data, according to research conducted by Resecurity. Bloomberg discovered that the unidentified attackers gained access by stealing login credentials from a UN employee purchased on the dark web. The first hacking attempt took place on April 5 and continued until August 7. Despite the unauthorised access, no evidence was found about sabotaging the computer network; Resecurity confirmed no data was stolen in the incident.

IT news #2: Apple to respond to ‘zero-click’ iPhone spyware

Topic: Spyware

The BBC has found that tech giant Apple has issued a software patch to block a “zero-click” spyware that can potentially harm iPhones and iPads. The flaw that was identified by independent researchers allowed hackers to access devices by using its iMessage app, even if users didn’t open a link or a file. Apple confirmed the update launch in response to a “maliciously crafted” PDF file. Researches stated that the previously unknown issue affected major devices like iPhones, Macs and Apple Watches.

IT news #3: WhatsApp launches major security update

Topic: Data breach, End-to-end encryption

WhatsApp took its security measures further and has launched a significant update with end-to-end encryption the focus. Messages sent via the mobile application are securely encrypted as they are exchanged between sender and receiver, meaning that no one – including WhatsApp- can see them. However, the backups of those sent messages have not been encrypted, making them a potential target for cyber attackers. In its newest security update, WhatsApp adds another layer of privacy and includes end-to-end encrypted backups, securing them throughout the whole process.

IT news #4: Irish health system to recover following HSE cyber-attack

Topic: Data breach

A cyber-attack has recently disrupted a 36-year-old woman’s cancer treatment. The mother of two was waiting for her treatment for sarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. After watching the news on TV, she received a call from the hospital and was told her radiation appointment couldn’t go ahead due to a cyber-attack. The attack that postponed Donna-Marie Cullen’s treatment was unprecedented in the history of the Irish state and affected almost all parts of its healthcare system. As a result, staff reverted to a paper system – the number of appointments also dropped by 80% in some areas. We are however pleased to confirm that Ms Cullen completed her cancer treatment.

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