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Top IT News of the Week (39/2021)


IT news #1: Check your emails. It’s scam o’clock!

Topic: Malware,phishing

Web attackers use spear-phishing attacks, at specific times of the day. According to recent research, cybercriminals have increased popularity to use shady links instead of sketchy attachments. Tessian’s analysis of over two million phishing emails found that scammers do not follow any marketing tactics. However, they deliver malicious emails between 2 PM and 6 PM, with very little difference during weekends. The report highlighted that this is not a coincidence. Phishing emails are chosen to be delivered from 2 PM as that is the time when most employees are focusing on their afternoon coffee and are stressed out. They then send another email shortly before 6 PM, hoping it will not receive as much scrutiny as it deserves.

IT news #2: EU to propose new rule for USB-C chargers

Topic: Mobile

According to a new rule proposed by the European Commission (EC), manufacturers will be asked to create a universal charging solution for phones and small electric devices. The BBC reported that the aim is to encourage consumers to reuse their existing chargers and essentially reduce industrial waste when buying a new appliance. It is stated, all chargers sold in the European Union must have USB-C chargers. Technology giant Apple warned this move could harm innovation. The change will apply to smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and handheld video game consoles. Decision-makers in the EU have been campaigning for a common standard for electronics for over a decade now.

IT news #3: Scottish firms have a one in two chance of a cyberattack

Topic: Cyberattack

Companies in Scotland now have a one in two chance of a cybersecurity breach with the severity of these attacks worsening by the day. The events of 2021 reflect how the impact of cybercrimes has deteriorated. As a result, Ireland’s Health Service had to cancel operations and maternity services were also hit by a similar attack than the one affecting the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa), which cost millions to the business given its seriousness. Despite large-scale attacks making headlines, it is important to note how small and medium businesses and individuals are also targeted at an alarming rate.

IT news #4: Clubhouse and Facebook user records to be sold online

Topic: Privacy, Data breach

User records were found on the dark web after a user attempted to sell a database containing the details of around 3.8 billion users. The database collected approximately 3.8 billion phone numbers taken from a previously scraped Clubhouse ‘secret database,’ including Facebook profiles. Names, phone numbers and other data were also stolen. The malicious actor is asking for an estimated £72,963 in return for the database; however, splitting the archive into smaller portions for potential buyers was also stated. The list also contains profiles of users who don’t have Clubhouse accounts, whose contact info might have been gained by web attackers due to Clubhouse’s insistence on users providing full contact details if they intend to use their social media platforms.

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