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Top IT News of the Week (45/2021)


IT news #1: BT’s new mole-inspired robots are in the making.

Topic: Telecommunications, robotics

Robots that are able to work underground and limit the need for roads to be dug up are being developed at BT’s new research facility, the company confirmed. The first BT Labs facility, established in Martlesham, was the UK’s first telecoms civil engineering robotics test lab. The research inspired by worms and moles would also focus on addressing telecommunications cabling issues, putting the UK at the focus of research. The newly launched robotics research facility was designed to engage with universities and robotics start-ups in order to develop robotic solutions to civil engineering duties. The study also includes creating solutions to issues involving clearing out blocked ducts or mending collapsed ones, installing new fibre network infrastructure without increasing the cost and delays that usually occur when working on roads and pavements.

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IT news #2: Windows 11 KB5007215 application fixes released.

Topic: Windows 11, updates

Technology corporation Microsoft has issued the Windows 11 KB5007215 cumulative update to address security vulnerabilities and bugs introduced in previous versions. It is a compulsory update, including security updates, performance improvements and bug fixes issued for Windows 11 21H2. The update can be installed via the following steps: Start – > Settings -> Windows Update – > Check for Updates. It can also be manually downloaded and installed for Windows 11 users from the Microsoft Update Catalog. After completing the KB5007215 update, Windows 11 changes its build number to 22000.318.

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IT news #3: Japan and Finland join forces to develop 6G.

Topic: 6G, wireless communication

The sixth generation of wireless communication is in the making as an international team of researchers from Japan and Finland started collaborating to develop technologies and standards required. Through this bilateral partnership between the University of Tokyo and the University of Oulu in Finland, a roadmap outlining the 6G standard will be created and research into the required technological components will be carried out. Matti Latva-aho, director of the 6G research program in Finland, has appointed a research fellow at the University of Tokyo to conduct research and develop future 6G technologies and technical standards. 6G technology is believed to impact society in several ways, including health care, where low-powered embedded sensors could enhance real-time communication of health data to doctors or expert systems. It could also involve disaster response, an integration with satellite platforms to maintain communication in areas where earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and other natural disasters can seriously affect people’s lives.

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IT news #4: Microsoft announces new Cloud-native offering with Azure Container.

Topic: Microsoft, Azure Container

At its latest Ignite conference, Microsoft has announced a new Cloud-native offering with Azure Container App service that allows developers to create microservice architectures by using containers, InfoQ reported. The serverless Kubernetes-based service is currently in public review. The Azure Container Apps service utilises Azure Kubernetes infrastructure (control plane) and it involves projects like Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr), Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA) and Envoy. The container services that scale horizontally through a set of declarative rules scale to zero and pause when it’s not used. However, scaling out occurs on triggers supported by KEDA. The Azure Container App services also offer a fully controlled version of the Dapr APIs that allows creators to enable sidecars to run next to their application instances. It also makes the application lifecycle management simpler by allowing multiple revisions to manage application versions, resulting in traffic splitting and balancing across different application versions such as application secrets, providing integrated monitoring via Log Analytics or connecting various applications.

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