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Top IT News of the Week (15/2022)


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Date published: 11th April 2022

Monday 11th of April 2022, London, UK – This week’s top IT news series is dominated by the latest cybersecurity threats, with Microsoft and Google Cloud releasing new products and additional features.

IT news #1: Microsoft introduces Windows 365 Boot and Switch apps.

Topic: Microsoft, software update

As a result, the Cloud PC service gets additional security and productivity features, including offline mode. Microsoft has introduced new functions to its Windows 365 cloud PC service to assist users seamlessly and securely when switching different devices. A unique capacity has also been revealed that lets users work offline with an automatic re-syncing feature that saves user data. A new user will only need their own personal Windows 365 credentials, through which they can access their own account on the new device. The tech giant has also been working on a ‘Windows 365 Switch’, designed for those who’d like to change devices, such as moving from a desktop to a tablet, on the fly. Users will be able to use the function to switch from the cloud PC to a local desktop, similar to the existing service in ‘Task Switcher’, also allowing the porting of keyboard commands and swipe gestures.

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IT news #2: Calendar app hack targets Microsoft and Google users.

Topic: Cybersecurity, data breach

Hackers use the Calendly app to trick users into giving up their personal data, a report conducted by info security firm Inky reveals. Threat actors inserted malicious links into Calendly event invitations before sending phishing emails from hacked accounts, inviting unwary Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace users to open the new documents they had just received. Following the order has led users straight to the bogus events in a crafty credential harvesting operation. In one example, web attackers used the calendar app’s customisation feature to create a fake fax notification, complete with convincing details, including the number of pages and file size and the malicious link. Inky researchers investigating the scam decided to give cybercriminals a taste of their own medicine – entering fake usernames and passwords, keeping tabs on the crooks as they unintentionally harvested the counterfeit credentials. But after entering the fake certificates for the third and last time, the team was directed to a legitimate website, the landing page for Inky. The research team has confirmed that this pattern of two login attempts followed by a redirection to a benign webpage is common practice in the phishing world.

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IT news #3: This new Microsoft Azure service will teach us more about space.

Topic: Microsoft Azure, cloud computing

As part of efforts to expand its focus toward space, the tech giant has developed an on-orbit computing platform to connect AI workloads to the Azure cloud. As a first attempt in the series of space-focused partnerships, Microsoft collaborates with Thales Alenia Space to demonstrate and validate on-orbit compute technologies with a demonstration onboard the International Space Station. During this alliance, the two companies will deploy a powerful on-orbit computer, an on-orbit application framework and high-performance Earth Observation sensors in order to create new on-orbit climate data processing applications to help Earth’s sustainability. The computer software company is also working with Loft Orbital to enable a new way to develop, test and validate software applications for space systems in Microsoft Azure. After this, the applications will be seamlessly deployed to satellites in orbits utilising Loft Orbital’s space infrastructure tools and platforms.

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IT news #4: Google Cloud reveals new Chronicle MSSP Program.

Topic: Google, cloud computing

The new initiative aims to turbocharge partners with specialised service offerings via its Cloud-native SIEM platform. The MSSP program was designed to help Managed Security Service Providers exceed customer expectations and deliver advanced security capabilities. In a blog post, Google has announced the move, saying this initiative will enable MSSPs to provide “scalable, differentiated and effective” detection and response capabilities via its Cloud-native Chronicle SIEM offering. It will also allow partners to receive more go-to-market tools and support and greater control over margins due to its modern licensing model. They will also be able to add their solutions to Chronicle to make them stand out in the market and easier to sell due to its branded reporting, unique solutions and advanced threat intelligence.

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