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Workplace Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery

Virtual Data Centre
Data is a critical asset to all companies and ensuring its safety is the most crucial aspect of business continuity planning. Without access to its database, a company cannot meet productivity levels or indeed provide customers with their expected level of service. Data access issues may also result in a loss of sales or team collaboration issues. But should the worst happen, how would your business deal with such an incident? According to the Thales Group, 17.26% of companies experienced a data breach only in 2020.

Protect your enterprise against power outages, IT systems crashes, natural disasters, or even a pandemic with TWC IT Solutions’ Workplace Recovery Services. Knowing and understanding the challenges faced by SMEs North London-based IT Solutions provider TWC has all the necessary experience to offer first-hand support to protect you amidst the turmoil of a disaster, all tailored to meet your specific recovery time objectives (ROT).

300+ London businesses have trusted us so far.


Workplace Recovery Services offered by TWC IT Solutions

Minimise the risk of unexpected downtime with TWC’s backbone of multiple enterprise-class data centres across the UK. Be constantly connected to the very highest levels of service, security and support provided by industry-leading cyber protection suppliers.
Cloud-based storage facilities:


Global technology company, Acronis’ award-winning all-in-one backup solution provides unified data protection and cybersecurity to safeguard all your data, applications and systems. The Cyber Protect Cloud solution integrates backup and next-generation, Al-based anti-malware, endpoint protection and antivirus through its centralised management platform. Due to its instant restore feature, your business’ Recovery Time Objective (ROT) can be up as short as 15 seconds. Any data stored in Gmail, Drive (including Team Drives), Contacts and Calendar are backed up as part of the Google Workspace data protection feature.


Microsoft OneDrive:

Bring flexibility and more control into your daily operation with Microsoft OneDrive, a file hosting and synchronization service operated by American multinational tech giant Microsoft. This Cloud storage and collaboration platform not only allows you to share and work together on all your protected files but also simplifies your day-to-day activities. By continuously backing up your files, OneDrive can quickly recover them from accidental deletes or malicious attacks. The security policies are managed to keep your data safe and easily accessible from any of your devices.


Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft’s other computer application, commonly referred to as Azure, is a public Cloud computing platform with solutions focusing on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) to be used for services like virtual computing, analytics, storage and networking. With Microsoft Azure’s multi-layered security and intelligent threat protection, you get comprehensive and proactive compliance coverage and advanced security protocols against evolving threats. It also enables you to operate across multiple Clouds, integrate and manage your environments with tools designed for a hybrid Cloud.


Datto Workplace:

Datto Workplace is an enterprise-grade content sharing and collaboration tool designed to manage and monitor critical business data. With Workplace, users can work with an intuitive user interface anytime from any device, without putting business efficiency or security at risk. All the files and folders located in the Cloud depository can be stored locally for offline access too. Business data is kept safe with Datto Workplace’s advanced ransomware protection and management functions. Occasional threats are automatically detected, tracked and quarantined. It can also work as a central content repository with the ability to work in and out of key file types like Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

Local storage solution:

Network-Attached Storage (NAS):

A Network-Attached Storage device allows authorised users and clients to store and retrieve data from a central location. One of the most significant advantages of a NAS device is that it is flexible, letting you expand storage as your needs are increasing. 

With a NAS private Cloud, your data is continuously available to employees anytime. Users on a Local Area Network (LAN) can access the shared storage via Ethernet connection. Network-Attached Storage devices provide infrastructure to combine storage in one place and carry tasks such as archiving, backup and a Cloud tier. 

Workplace Recovery Services Benefits

Workplace Recovery Services Benefits

Fast data restoring: The process of backing up your data and restoring it in the event of a system failure or any outage can be completed by our team of IT experts in seconds.
Immediate technician support: One of the most significant benefits of a Managed LAN service is the 24/7/365 support of TWC’s specialist IT team and field engineers, ready to immediately assist and resolve any potential network issues.
Secure working environment: With your most important assets being transferred and stored in the Cloud, business downtime will be minimal.
Decreased stress, increased savings: Outsourcing the infrastructure of the LAN management to an IT provider can save your business a tremendous amount of money in the long run.
Remote working solved: Access your data from anywhere, from any device, without worrying about performance levels or safety measures.
Focus solely on your business: As the monitoring activity and any potential troubleshooting is taken care of by TWC IT Solutions, increased productivity levels allow you to focus on the core of your business.
Monitored activity: When transferring your data, our specialist IT team will not only monitor threats you may face but also provide ongoing, detailed reports.
Detailed, real-time troubleshooting report: As part of an SLA, you receive detailed reports about any issues that may occur to help you stay ahead of any challenges in the future.
Easy to use platforms: The collaboration tools and centralised management platforms of our Cloud-based backup solutions are quickly accessible and easy to use.
Tailored solutions: The scale of this solution entirely reflects your business needs as you get to decide the level of support to serve you best.
Profitable solutions: Ensuring your data is stored safely and restored quickly without disruption is cost-efficient, certainly, against the backdrop of potentially high, unknown costs that business downtime would no doubt cause.
Minimal network downtime: By monitoring and identifying outages and responding to issues occurring immediately, you can reduce any business downtime.
Boosts collaboration from different locations: The collaboration tools available via the Workplace Recovery Solutions can speed up your teams’ productivity by connecting physical office servers and remote home office devices.
Minimal network downtime: By monitoring and identifying outages and responding to issues occurring immediately, you can reduce any business downtime.
Stay ahead of future trends: Cloud technology is one of the fastest emerging IT platforms of the last decade. Investing in a Cloud-based data storage facility will keep you way ahead of your competitors.
Minimal network downtime: By monitoring and identifying outages and responding to issues occurring immediately, you can reduce any business downtime.

Workplace Recovery Services Features

Advanced Cyber Protection Cloud
● Multiple backup layers
● Flexible backup storage options
● Device and port control
● Complete 365 protection
● Backup encryption
● Microsoft Office and G-Suite integration
● Enterprise-grade security
● Anywhere access
● Data loss prevention management
● Document tracking
● Device reports
● Collaboration tools
● Simple operation
● Easy data backup at a low cost
● Centralised data storage in a safe, reliable way
● Threat detection and management
● Sophisticated administrative controls
● Multi-tenant management

Workplace Recovery Services Pricing

Regardless of a worldwide pandemic, disruptions or problems happen to everyone, even to the best of us. However, with SMEs still being targeted and successfully hacked every 19 seconds in the UK, ignoring the importance of taking preventative measures due to budgetary restrictions can result in severe loss to a business. 

Building a successful empire takes time and we know that. This is why we help you every step of the way, as your very own consultancy. When working together, the first thing implemented should always be a robust Workplace Recovery action plan and making sure it remains in place.

Our Workplace Recovery Services plans start from £50/month.

Workplace Recovery services in London FAQ

What is a Workplace Recovery?
Workplace Recovery is a backup activity that guarantees that all your valuable data is securely stored and recovered when necessary. During this process, data is transferred and stored in a Cloud-based solution for an emergency. For instance, when you cannot visit your physical office due to a natural disaster or lose your files due to a power outage.
What types of activities does TWC’s plans include under its Workplace Recovery services in London?

TWC’s Workplace Recovery services include transferring data to and backing it up in the Cloud, whilst monitoring and reporting backup plans to clients. If a problem occurs, or in the event of a data breach, restoring your data can involve other security measures, such as password resets.

Will my company recover any lost data if I purchase this service?
If the damage occurred recently, it might be possible to restore your data before it was initially backed up and stored in a Cloud solution by simply checking your recycle bin. However, TWC’s Workplace Recovery Solutions will guarantee that your company will recover any lost or damaged data moving forward.
How quickly will TWC’s Workplace Recovery services restore my business operations in London?

Depending on the size of your business and internet connectivity, TWC is able to restore your business operations and get you up and running in only a few hours.

Can TWC help my company with its Workplace Recovery Policy?
Of course. We are not only here to help you with the process of transferring and backing up your data. We also act as a Microsoft consultancy, as an extension of your team, and advise on any necessary steps or tools needed to keep your Workplace Recovery policy as up-to-date as possible.
What other Disaster Recovery services do you provide?
I’m interested in receiving a quote from TWC. What are the next steps?
Just hit the button below and ask for a quote based on your company’s needs. We will get back to you within less than 48 hours.
Does TWC offer 24/7 support in case something is wrong?
Absolutely. TWC is one of the few companies with  ‘follow-the-sun’ locations in the UK, Asia and the Americas, which makes us able to support our client base 24/7/365.
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