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One of the best Disaster Recovery service providers in London.

🏆 One of the top Cybersecurity companies of 2022 (Techreviewer)
🏆 One of the top IT companies of 2022 (DesignRush)
✅  Premium Partner of CISCO, MICROSOFT & SAMSUNG Electronics

✅  30-minute London on-bike response IT expert squad
✅  Industry-leading SLA within 10 minutes
✅  Written Warranty of Seamless Transition
✅  Excellent NPS score (90)

One of the best Disaster Recovery service providers in London.

🏆 One of the top Cybersecurity companies of 2022
✅  30-minute London on-bike response IT expert squad
✅  Industry-leading SLA within 10 minutes
✅  Written Warranty of Seamless Transition
✅  Excellent NPS score (90)
✅  Premium Partner of CISCO, MICROSOFT & SAMSUNG Electronics

300+ London businesses HAVE PUT THEIR trust IN US.


Ransomware, human error, failing hardware and other potential disasters account for most IT outages. Without a thorough disaster recovery strategy in place, businesses run the risk of losing more than just valuable data. TWC offers a range of disaster recovery solutions designed around three key elements: IT availability objectives, systems architecture demands and your budget. Our expertise provides immediate full recovery of systems, zero data loss, advanced daily testing to application level, guaranteed RTO’s, protection for physical and virtual servers in a single DR solution, orchestrated recovery of complex application environments and seamless failover and restore. TWC’s disaster recovery and cybersecurity services were also recognised and recently included us among London’s top cybersecurity companies.


Disaster recovery services offered by TWC IT Solutions

The adoption of Cloud data centres has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic and businesses now find themselves in the middle of a transition to a fully digital era. When crafting our applications packages, we were aiming to detect and offer the latest and most reliable technologies to adequately manage uncertain consequences of any global matter.
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Our Virtual Data Centre (VDC) services are designed to manage virtual estates with a variety of automation tools. It guarantees efficient deployment time and increased resiliency over traditional technology. From on-demand hosting to storage and computing, we’ve got IT covered.
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TWC’s designed multi-purpose object storage via public and private Cloud facilities simplifies the process of data processing with the ability to manage today’s hyper-scale growth for any SME.
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Our certified and secured global data colocation solutions, such as Equinix or The Bunker, offer flexible storage options, enhanced data security, improved business continuity and protected brand identity at all times.
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TWC’s multiple enterprise-class data centres, such as Acronis, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure or Datto Workplace solutions, as well as local storage solutions like a Network-Attached Storage, provides fast data restoring and secure working environments through a centralised, easy-to-use platform.
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Powerful Disaster Recovery strategies harnessing the power of the Cloud. We achieve efficient Disaster Recovery through a robust, cost-effective system, with Zerto’s hypervisor-based replication technology.
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Over the last two years of the pandemic, Business Continuity has emerged as the top priority for companies of all sizes. TWC IT Solutions is here to help you create a solid and effective Business Continuity strategy for your business.

Disaster Recovery services benefits

✓ Provides instant recovery: With a Disaster Recovery service, your assets are regularly backed up and stored in the Cloud. Instead of aiming to restore lost data from a physical location, your business can simply download it from the internet, saving you all the hassle and disturbance that may have been caused.

✓ No physical resources required: Traditional data backup facilities required companies to provide their hardware for data backup storage. However, with Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), your data is stored in a third-party data centre or a Cloud-based facility. Any maintenance issues needed are also taken care of by your service provider.

✓ Minimised downtime: Implementing cybersecurity solutions can save your business from potential data breaches or cyber attacks, by detecting any intrusion before it causes any harm, therefore minimising downtime and cost.

✓ Cutting-edge technology at hand: Cloud service providers implement the highest security standards with a multi-layer approach and authentication protocols to protect your data from any vulnerabilities. It’s also taking advantage of one of the most rapidly growing technologies to ensure you always stay ahead of the curve.


✓ Simple configuration & testing: Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service simplifies the process of storing your data. It provides more accessible management options to be overseen through an online platform with automated tools and functions.

✓ Affordable solution: Preventing a potential data loss is always a more ideal and cost-effective option than aiming to recover lost data. Utilising the power of the Cloud eliminates the need to backup your data at a physical location, with reduced restore time, whilst you also gain access to a specialist IT support team instead of having to build your own department.

✓ Greater customer experience: Regularly backing up and saving your data results in minimised downtime, whilst you also protect your business from any potential reputational loss resulting from data loss, allowing you to deliver the highest levels of service to your clients at all times.

Disaster Recovery services Pricing

The pricing of our managed disaster recovery solutions depends on the size of your business and the variety of the disaster recovery services required.

Here at TWC, we take the time to listen to our clients’ needs seriously. As such, we encourage you to reach out to us to discuss any questions you may have to receive a bespoke solution that meets your exact needs.

Disaster recovery services FAQ

What exactly is disaster recovery?
Disaster Recovery refers to the process of regaining access to a company’s IT infrastructure in the event of a cyberattack, natural disasters or other disruptions affecting daily operations. These steps can also be summarised in a Disaster Recovery plan, which is crucial to any business wishing to operate efficiently in a post-Covid environment.
Why is TWC among the best Disaster Recovery service providers for an SME in London?
TWC has been providing Disaster Recovery solutions to SME businesses across seven different industries for over a decade. The services implemented by us blend the latest replication and backup technologies with tiered management options, allowing design and build of your recovery solutions. Our industry-leading 10-minute SLA for emergency events makes us one of London’s most responsive and innovative IT solutions providers. You can read more about why TWC is different here.
Managed Disaster Recovery services vs unmanaged. Which one is better?
Managed Disaster Recovery services give a peace of mind to your business as the applications are managed and overseen by us, including service maintenance, while you do what you do best, driving success to your company. It also saves you the budget spent on training and recruitment whilst optimising overall productivity levels compared to unmanaged services, which can require massive resources from a company.
What are the dangers of not having a Disaster Recovery strategy in the post-COVID-19 era?
With cyber threats continuously on the rise, the past year has shown businesses how not preparing for the unexpected can have a devastating impact. Data is the lifeblood of a company’s operation, thus securing valuable assets and creating a Disaster Recovery strategy is vital to stay afloat and successfully face challenges post-Covid.
Does TWC offer Disaster Recovery Cloud solutions?
Yes, we do. Our Workplace Recovery applications include Cloud-based storage facilities from some of the world’s most reliable Cloud providers like Acronis, Microsoft (OneDrive and Azure) and Datto Workplace to never have to sacrifice security and business efficiency.
Does TWC include Disaster Recovery services within the TWC IT Packages?
Yes. TWC’s newly introduced IT packages were influenced by the current climate and aim to equip businesses to thrive after facing uncertain scenarios such as the COVID-19 pandemic by providing integrated and seamless back-up and disaster recovery applications.
Does TWC offer 24/7 support in case something is wrong?
Of course. We are among the select few companies that offer round-the-clock, after-hours support via our international locations in New York, Hong Kong and the UK, including weekends and holidays 24/7/365.
My business is not London based. Can TWC still offer me reliable Disaster Recovery services?
Absolutely, your business doesn’t have to be in London to receive a thorough Disaster Recovery plan. TWC’s range of services can be implemented remotely and they provide immediate full recovery of systems, zero data loss and protection, including virtual servers.
I’m interested in receiving a quote from TWC. What are the next steps?
We would be more than thrilled to discuss your interest in our company. Please give us a call on 08000 248 900, submit a form via Quick contact or drop us a message in our chat where one of our agents will be in touch to assist you further.

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