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Top IT News of the Week (19/2022)


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Date published: 9th May 2022
Monday 9th of May 2022, London, UK – This week’s top IT news series is dominated by product updates from the world’s most prominent vendors like Microsoft and Cisco, promising partnerships and the latest threats from the cyber world.

IT news #1: Microsoft 365 set to help with work-life balance.

Topic: Microsoft, software update

The latest Microsoft 365 update allows users to switch freely between work and personal accounts. Managing workloads can prove to be difficult with using different email accounts. However, due to the latest Microsoft 365 update, users will now be able to sign into multiple Microsoft accounts using the same browser and switch between these accounts without signing out and back in or using private windows. Microsoft says this move will particularly benefit consultants who need regular access to emails from different external companies and consumer users to switch between their corporate workloads and personal tasks. To get started, they need to access any of the Microsoft 365 web app and then click on the ‘Account Manager’ icon located in the right corner. From here, they can add a new account or switch to an existing signed-in account in the browser. After a successful add or switch, the page will refresh with content from the new account in the same browser tab.

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IT news #2: Cisco arms against new bug that could expose admin credentials.

Topic: Cisco, patch release

Cisco has released a patch that prevents hackers from stealing credentials from Umbrella Virtual Appliance (VA) admins. A security advisory published by the company revealed the flaw was discovered by Pinnacol Assurance in the key-based SSH authentication mechanism. The bug, identified as CVE-2022-20773, can be leveraged by performing a man-in-the-middle attack on an SSH connection to the Umbrella VA. It is currently present in Cisco Umbrella VA for Hyper-V and VMWare ESXi on versions older than 3.3.2. No workarounds or mitigations have proved to be successful; the only way to address the issue is to install the patch. It has been confirmed, the company has found no evidence of anyone abusing the flaw in the wild.

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IT news #3: REvil ransomware group returns after being shut down last year.

Topic: Cybersecurity, ransomware group

The new malware samples confirm the REvil ransomware group is back in operation with new infrastructure and a modified encryptor. The ransomware gang was shut down back in October of 2021 after a law enforcement operation hijacked its Tor servers. This was then followed by key members of the group being arrested by Russia’s FSB. After that, it seemed they disappeared for good, the group’s old Tor infrastructure recently started operating again. Instead of showing old websites, its Tor servers redirected visitors to URLs for a new unnamed ransomware operation, a report from BleepingComputer revealed. However, websites are redirected all the time, which is why it’s crucial to find and analyse a new sample of REvil’s ransomware encryptor to tell whether or not the cybercriminal group has really returned. Avast research director, Jakub Kroustek recently discovered a sample of the encryptor used by the new ransomware group that may or may not be REvil. Researchers have and malware analysts have confirmed that this new sample is compiled from REvil’s source code though it does include some changes. It is not yet known how what this rebranded version of the group refers to itself.

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IT news #4: BT signs five-year deal with Amazon Web Services.

Topic: BT, Amazon Web Services

The five-year cloud deal with AWS will focus on supporting the telecoms giant with migrating its legacy infrastructure and applications off-premise to revamp its operations and cut costs. The agreement is part of an ongoing cloud-first push by BT Digital that aims to provide the wider BT Group with access to cloud-native, microservices-based and modular infrastructure resources. This will allow the company to phase out legacy applications and infrastructure and lead BT to shutter some of its data centres, the company confirmed in a statement. BT also aims to make significant investments in AWS technologies, focusing on application workloads via containers and serverless technologies. As part of a modernisation programme, the move helps the firm deliver £2bn in gross annualised savings by the end of 2024. BT also hopes the revamp of its legacy infrastructure will reduce IT maintenance costs and provide opportunities to market new services for clients at a faster speed.

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