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Top IT News of the Week (13/2022)


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Date published: 25th March 2022

IT news #1: Avast acquire identity services firm SecureKey.

Topic: Avast, cybersecurity

SecureKey will strengthen Avast’s privacy-focused identity product and services portfolio. The company has announced its intention to acquire identity and authentication provider SecureKey Technologies for an undisclosed amount. SecureKey’s privacy-enhancing products are aimed to streamline access to online services whilst ensuring that sharing user data requires explicit consent. One example is Verified.Me, SecureKey’s distributed digital identity verification network that uses banking-grade security measures in order to prevent identity theft and fraud. User banking information or credentials used for online banking are not accessible through the Verified.Me portal. Government Sign-In by Verified.Me, designed for government application, simplifies access to e-government services and applications. It’s built on so-called ‘Triple Blind’ features that ensure that nobody, including financial institutions, government agencies or network operators, are able to determine the origin of registrations. Verified.Me and Government Sign-In by Verified.Me are provided by interbank network expert Interac under an exclusive Canadian licensing agreement.

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IT news #2: Vodafone launches 5G at Gatwick just before the Easter holidays.

Topic: Unified communications, data 5G

It’s set to drive more capacity and faster data speeds for travellers in Gatwick’s North and South Terminals. As a result of 5 G’s speeds, increased capacity and greater reliability compared to 4G, travellers will be able to download boxsets, make last-minute bookings and check flight information. This will also boost the operation of businesses at the terminal, benefiting the airport operator itself. This launch follows some of the company’s previous demonstrations of 5G at transport hubs, from Manchester Airport to Birmingham New Street station, as 5G is incredibly effective in crowded locations. The bolstered mobile coverage at Gatwick follows other initiatives in Vodafone’s UK network, including using the latest mast technology to improve rural coverage to installing 4G coverage on phone boxes to improve reception in towns and cities.

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IT news #3: Google Cloud is making a change to its VMs.

Topic: Cloud, virtual machine

As a result, Google Cloud users will now be able to suspend their virtual machines when not in use, helping them to lower costs. The computing division of Google has announced that its new Suspend/Resume feature for VMs is now widely available after launching in alpha several years ago. The feature works similarly to closing the lid of a laptop or putting a desktop PC to sleep. By suspending a Google Compute Engine VM, the state of the insurance will be automatically saved to be able to pick up later on. Another advantage of the Suspend/Resume feature in Google Cloud is that customers will no longer have to pay for cores or RAM when their VMs are suspended. However, the Cloud storage of their instance memory will still come with a price as well as other VM running costs such as OS licensing; however, these might be limited.

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IT news #4: Microsoft launches update to optimise meeting experience.

Topic: Microsoft Teams, software update

Part of the Microsoft 365 product roadmap, the new Microsoft Teams feature will help users maximise the impact of their presentations. Thanks to the latest update, Microsoft Teams users will soon be able to benefit from new controls for presenter mode that allow for the video feed to be resized and repositioned. The update for Teams presenter mode is still in the works but is expected to go live for all users by the end of April. This builds on Microsoft’s efforts to roll out presenter mode last year to provide Teams users with a way to adjust their presentation style to the occasion. The standout mode seats the presenter’s video feed in front of the slide deck, while the reporter mode places the content above the person’s shoulder in the style of a news broadcast. With the latest Teams update, an additional layer of flexibility will be added with the option to resize and reposition the video feed to meet the requirements of the specific content presented.

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