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TalkTalk Business Internet is one of the largest B2B telecommunications providers in the UK. Over 180,000 companies trust their data connectivity solutions to boost business productivity and efficiency, including business broadband and fibre via high-value ethernet circuits and wide area networks. TWC IT Solutions have recently been recognised as one of the top IT and cybersecurity companies of 2022 by Techreviewer and DesignRush. Reliable and experienced, we would be a great choice of IT partner to implement TalkTalk Business Internet services for businesses of  any size across London and the UK.

300+ London businesses have trusted us so far.


TalkTalk Business Internet services offered by TWC

TalkTalk Leased lines

Leased lines:

TalkTalk’s leased business internet lines are ideal for fast-growing, data-demanding businesses and those adopting flexible working practices. A dedicated, uncontended leased line can easily handle all voice traffic, servers, and cloud-based software with up to 10Gb symmetrical speeds.

TalkTalk Broadband lines icon

Broadband lines:

Unlimited business broadband with all UK landline and mobile calls included. Ideal for any premises due to the high network capacity, with UK-based support available 365 days a year. Speeds range from 18Mbps with TalkTalk’s entry-level Simply Business Broadband ADSL service, to 1000Mbps with a full fibre connection, or up to 10Gbps on an exclusive leased line.

TalkTalk Fibre lines icon

Fibre lines:

Currently the fastest, most reliable internet service available, TalkTalk’s Superfast Fibre provides an unlimited connection with a speed of up to 76Mbps. Thanks to its ultra-fast download and upload speed, it can support any work environment, including home working, with industry-leading network security.

TalkTalk Business Internet benefits

TalkTalk Business Internet benefits


Lower contention ratio: One of the most significant benefits of TalkTalk’s business broadband is the limit on the number of users having access to the server, resulting in greater connection speeds.

Immediate technician support: One of the most significant benefits of a Managed LAN service is the 24/7/365 support of TWC’s specialist IT team and field engineers, ready to immediately assist and resolve any potential network issues.

Tech support: The additional Service Level Agreement between your business and TalkTalk ensures priority engineer support so any issues with your line are fixed within 24 hours.

Decreased stress, increased savings: Outsourcing the infrastructure of the LAN management to an IT provider can save your business a tremendous amount of money in the long run.

Faster connection speed:  Now more than ever, businesses require reliable, high-speed internet. A good upload speed means you can operate efficiently and profitably, communicating globally, joining video meetings, and accessing cloud applications.

Focus solely on your business: As the monitoring activity and any potential troubleshooting is taken care of by TWC IT Solutions, increased productivity levels allow you to focus on the core of your business.

Smooth installation: Following your initial consultation, the installation process is overseen and fully managed by TalkTalk’s specialist engineers.

Detailed, real-time troubleshooting report: As part of an SLA, you receive detailed reports about any issues that may occur to help you stay ahead of any challenges in the future.

Optimised data transfer capabilities: Business broadband also offers generous or unlimited upstream and downstream speeds from 38Mbps up to 900Mbps, designed to handle ever-increasing data volumes.

Tailored solutions: The scale of this solution entirely reflects your business needs as you get to decide the level of support to serve you best.

Minimised business downtime: Investing in a proper network connection with customised internet speed and dedicated customer service limits productivity issues.

Minimal network downtime: By monitoring and identifying outages and responding to issues occurring immediately, you can reduce any business downtime.

Pricing of TalkTalk Business Internet services


First, we conduct a postcode-based search in your area to find the best possible installation option. We then offer you a personalised quote and advise you about the next steps.

We encourage you to book a free consultation with our specialist team to learn more about our services.

TalkTalk Business Internet FAQs

What are TalkTalk Business Internet services?

Depending on the size of your business and requirements, they range from Standard Business Broadband and Superfast Fibre Broadband, to Ultrafast Full Fibre and Dedicated Leased Lines with a Dedicated Leased Lines Plus, available with an average speed of 100Mb/100Mb and 1Gb.  

Why should I invest in TalkTalk Business Internet services for my business?

An established business provider trusted by over 180,000 businesses across the UK, TalkTalk has been providing businesses of all sizes with business internet services for over 25 years. They offer a wide range of business communication services to assist companies with all their internet, data, voice and mobile needs.

What makes TWC one of the best TalkTalk Business Internet services in the UK?

We have successfully built up a top network provider portfolio since our launch in 2011. By developing these relationships, we’ve gained expertise in connecting businesses with the best provider to suit their requirements.

We are also a Gold Specialist Support partner across PC, Mac, Windows, OSX, Office 365, Cisco, Azure, AWS and Google, which enables us to consistently provide cutting-edge IT solutions.

Are TalkTalk Business Internet services included in TWC’s IT Packages?

Yes, of course, but it does depend on your requirements and exact location. Our Recruitment industry IT package consists of high-speed internet connectivity that minimises downtime, while creating a seamless environment for voice, data and networks.

Are there any other Business Internet services that TWC provides?

Yes. Our Business Internet services include solutions from some of the world’s leading vendors, such as BT Wholesale, Colt, and Virgin Media Business. As part of our Business Connectivity services, we assist companies with Managed LAN, SD-WAN, Wireless & 4G connectivity, Cloud Direct Connect or Wide Area Network services to ensure you remain connected at all times.

Does TWC offer 24/7 support in case something is wrong?

Absolutely. We are among a select few companies with ‘follow-the-sun’ locations in London, Hong Kong and New Jersey, allowing us to support our client base 24/7/365. We have also been championing market-leading initiatives, such as 10-minute emergency SLAs and a 30-minute on-site bike-response team covering Greater London, so we’re always there when you need us the most. 

My business is not London-based. Can TWC still offer me reliable TalkTalk Business Internet services?

Yes, of course. TWC can offer you business-grade internet even if you are located outside London. Following our initial consultation, we conduct a postcode-based search to find the best possible installation in your area, which may involve a visit from an engineer.

I’m interested in receiving a quote from TWC. What are the next steps?

Contact us by calling 08000 248 900, sending an email to sales@twcitsolutions.com, dropping a message on our chat, or submitting a request via ‘Quick Quote’. You can also reach us on any of our social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where one of our team members will be happy to guide you further.

Is TalkTalk Internet fast?

Depending on your needs, there are several TalkTalk broadband options available. The Fast Broadband is available with an average speed of 11Mbps on an ADSL connection, and Fibre 35 has average speeds of 38Mbps. The range also includes the Fibre 65, which comes with an average speed of 67Mbps; the Fibre 150, available at an average speed of 145Mbps; the Fibre 500 with average speeds of up to 500Mbps; or the Ultra Fibre Optic, with speeds up to 900Mbps.

Is BT better than TalkTalk?

BT Wholesale and TalkTalk are two of the UK’s leading broadband providers specialising in premium services, including business broadband and phone lines. To assess which provider is suitable for your requirements, contact a Managed Service Provider (MSP), like TWC IT Solutions, who will be able to assist you based on your location, and find the best possible installation to meet your requirements.

Do I need a phone line for TalkTalk business broadband?

You don’t need a phone line to use TalkTalk’s business broadband. All the Full Fibre plans provide broadband-only options so don’t require a phone line to work. However, if you prefer the fast or ultrafast fibre package, you’ll need to get a phone line installed. 

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