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Microsoft Azure Support Plans: what is the Best Option for a UK Business

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Author: TWC
Date published: 2nd March 2023
Category: Business | Microsoft
The United Kingdom is home to over 50 million Microsoft Azure users, ranking it as the second country in the world with the highest number of users. Whether you are already using Azure or thinking about using it, selecting the right Microsoft Azure Support plan is crucial to your success. In this blog post, we’ll explore the five available plans and provide helpful tips to guide you in choosing the best one for your business needs.

Microsoft Azure Support Plans: An overview


When it comes to Microsoft Azure support services, there are five support plans to choose from. The Basic plan is free and provides access to Azure Support’s Self-Help resources, a community forum, and some training. However, for more advanced features and support, you can opt for the Developer, Standard, and Professional Direct Azure Support plans. These plans offer round-the-clock support, technical guidance from Microsoft engineers, and unrestricted access to your personal dedicated cloud engineer.


azure support plans features table

For those seeking tailored support for their UK business, the local Azure Support plan is the way to go. With this plan, you can expect custom-made solutions to cater to your specific business needs. Additionally, by outsourcing your Microsoft services to one of the top UK Microsoft Gold partners, you’ll have access to real 24/7 support, tailor-made solutions, and many other features that can help your company grow. So, choose the right support plan for your business needs and take your Microsoft Azure experience to the next level.

When assessing the features of Microsoft Azure Support Plans, a recurring trend can be observed. Whilst working directly with Microsoft provides access to a team of highly-skilled experts capable of resolving complex technical issues, it falls short in the areas of localisation and personalisation. For UK businesses, this may pose a significant challenge as many require bespoke solutions and immediate support to address any IT-related challenges. This is where partnering with a UK Microsoft Gold Partner can prove advantageous. Such a provider can offer tailor-made solutions that cater to the unique needs of UK businesses operating in highly competitive markets.



Moreover, a UK Microsoft Gold Partner can offer the flexibility to combine different IT support services and provide a comprehensive solution that meets all of a business’s requirements. This can be especially beneficial for UK businesses that demand rapid response times and customised solutions to stay ahead of their competitors. For instance, custom hardware development, Contact Centre solutions and Microsoft Azure Integration services may all be required by a single business, and having a single point of contact can greatly simplify the process of coordinating support for these services.
In light of these factors, partnering with a local IT support provider like TWC IT Solutions can provide a number of benefits. With personalised support, local expertise, and tailored solutions, businesses can rest assured that their IT support needs are being met in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Basic Azure Support Plan

This is the only free plan available to all Microsoft Azure accounts and does not have active Azure support. The user has access to community forums, self-help documentation, and other resources, as well as the ability to submit as many support tickets as needed.


Key Feature of BasicAzure Support Plan: Self-help support



Basic Feature #1: Billing and Subscription management support.
Basic Feature #2: 24/7 self-help resources. This entails having access to a library of useful guides and tutorials.
Basic Feature #3: You may submit as many support tickets as you need.
Basic Feature #4: Access to Azure Advisor. You can optimise your deployments with personalised Azure recommendations, save time on cloud optimization, and assess how well your workloads adhere to best practices with Azure Advisor.
Basic Feature #5: Azure Health Status and Notifications which allow you to stay up to date on service problems affecting you, receive alerts about active incidents and upcoming maintenance and download official reports and root cause analyses (RCAs).

Scope: All Azure customers
Pricing: Free for all Azure customers
Suitable for UK businesses that are just getting started with Azure and do not require more advanced and complex services such as developing and deploying cloud-based applications. It is also an excellent way to become acquainted with Azure support plans.

Developer Azure Support Plan


Developer Azure Support Plan includes all of the features found in the Basic Plan plus a few more. You will have access to experienced engineers who have worked on similar projects to yours and you’ll be able to contact them by phone and email and submit requests for assistance.


Key Feature of Developer Azure Support Plan: Azure Advisor



Developer Feature #1: Support for third-party software, including interoperability, configuration guidance, and troubleshooting.
Developer Feature #2: 24/7 access to technical support by email and phone after a support request is submitted. This service is available during business hours and only by email.
Developer Feature #3: General guidance on Architecture support.
Developer Feature #4: All of the Basic plan’s features.

Scope: Trial and non-production environments.
Pricing: $29 per month
Suitable for UK businesses that require access to a suite of development tools, advanced troubleshooting and debugging capabilities, customizable analytics and reporting capabilities, and direct access to Microsoft Azure engineering teams.

Standard Azure Support Plan


This plan is designed for organisations that require more advanced features than the Developer Plan. It is an upgrade of the Developer plan and provides 24/7 access to Microsoft technical experts by phone and email, unlike the Developers plan, which is only available during business hours. If an issue arises, you’ll also get quicker response times. The response time is determined by the severity of the problem and can range from one to eight hours.


Key Feature of Standard Azure Support Plan: Architecture Support



Standard Feature #1: 24/7 access to technical support via email and phone.
Standard Feature #2: Very quick response time if a critical issue arises.
Standard Feature #3: All of the Developer plan’s features.

Scope: Production workload environments
Pricing: $100 per month
Suitable for UK businesses that require more advanced and complex services such as developing and deploying cloud-based applications.

Professional Direct Azure Support Plan


The fourth and most extensive Azure support plan can provide 24/7 tailor-made support and in-depth guidance to your business team as well as ongoing training through webinars led by Azure experts. It is the most expensive available solution, but it can meet a wide range of needs that a large organisation may have.



Key Feature of Professional Direct Azure Support Plan: Support API



Professional Direct Feature #1: Architecture Support advice from a pool of dedicated managers.
Professional Direct Feature #2: Support API which enables you to Create and manage Azure support tickets programmatically.
Professional Direct Feature #3: Operations Support.
Professional Direct Feature #4: Webinar training led by Azure experts.
Professional Direct Feature #5:
Proactive guidance.
Professional Direct Feature #6:
All of the Standard plan’s features.

Scope: Business-critical dependence
Pricing: $1,000 per month
Suitable for UK businesses that require the highest level of support and assistance with their Azure environment. This plan gives your business direct access to Microsoft Azure engineering teams as well as proactive advice and best practices.

Official Microsoft Azure
Support Plans

Local Azure Support Plans

azure support plans table

Accelerate the Growth of Your UK Business


At TWC IT Solutions we have over 10 years of experience in Microsoft Azure, and we know how to help you find the best solution for your business. Choosing to outsource by selecting a UK Microsoft Gold partner could give you access to the best possible support for your Azure project. You’ll have access to a team of experts who can help you find the right Azure Support plan for your business -and who will stick with you through any bumps in the road, or any questions about what happens next. Book a consultation with TWC IT Solutions today and learn more about our Microsoft Azure Services.
Curated with love by TWC IT Solutions.


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